Milan, 3rd December 2014 – Network and synergies for Milan Smart City : the ” metaphor of the ball of wool “

The ” ball ” of PugliaSmartLab in Milan , to represent his metaphor virtuous and high- rate network . Milan event entitled ” Projects ” Smart cities and smart communities ” in the city of Milan : the impact on the territory and scalability through impact investing ” , held recently at Bocconi University in Milan and organized by the Municipality Milan Milan in collaboration with Smart City , Impact Investing Lab SDA Bocconi and PugliaSmartLab , the team of fifteen technologists social PSLAB has in fact worked to put in connection projects MIUR and POR activated in Lombardy. This is to ” turn on ” potential synergies and share technology standards in quality between projects and stakeholders involved : as already happened in the capital of Salento for the event ” Lecce Smart Community : Street Ideas” on the occasion of the visit of the President of ‘ Observatory ANCI Francesco Profumo .

Fourteen projects ranging from mapping services of the subsoil, to create an electronic land registry and manage land resources , the development of a platform of services and components for logistics in urban areas ; by the application of a range of technologies in the management of water resources to the enhancement of the information assets of the civil sector , to make efficient judicial activity .

The event , organized to illustrate the possible development strategies ” intelligent ” of Italian cities , took part in local institutions and scientific interest in the subject , and was also attended by Simona Vicari , Secretary for Economic Development and Smart City , and Mario Calderini , President of the European Agency for the Smart City Italy Digital: the ” smart city ” is in fact the result of a network virtuoso , but also needs the appropriate regulatory action to become operational reality and – above all – shared awareness of local communities . Overcoming this gap will only be possible through an integrated use of the skills , or planning activities in line with the social and investing resources in innovative technologies increasingly advanced . The objective is to overcome the fragmentation of individual projects silos present in the territories in order to integrate services, processes and technology solutions with a view to re-use and sharing .