From 1st February to 1st March 2015: PugliaSmartLab flies in the United States and builds bridges of opportunity between Puglia and Silicon Valley

“Think global, act local”: this is the mood inspiring PugliaSmartLab , laboratory alive and vital young enlightened minds and passionate environment of open innovation , which has decided to invest in the future by building bridges of relationships and opportunities shared with the world , but without betraying its identity and territorial vocation . Indeed , the better to enhance it by highlighting it in perspective glocal , exactly. With a promising away generous in California Silicon Valley , the area most innovative of the United States , where for a whole month fifteen technologists social PSLAB , departing in the next few days , will have the opportunity to cultivate new and fruitful relations training , importing models approach to the world of business and exporting excellence recognized and generally appreciated the human capital of Puglia .