California (USA), 1st February – 1st March 2015: PugliaSmartLab flies in the United States and builds bridges of opportunity between Puglia and Silicon Valley

“Think global, act local”: this is the mood inspiring PugliaSmartLab , laboratory alive and vital young enlightened minds and passionate environment of open innovation, which has decided to invest in the future by building bridges of relationships and opportunities shared with the world, but without betraying its identity and territorial vocation.

Indeed , the better to enhance it by highlighting it in perspective glocal, exactly. With a promising away generous in California Silicon Valley , the area most innovative of the United States, where for a whole month fifteen technologists social PSLAB, departing in the next few days, will have the opportunity to cultivate new and fruitful relations training, importing models approach to the world of business and exporting excellence recognized and generally appreciated the human capital of Puglia.

A bet backed by the District Technology Pugliese High Tech ( DHITECH ), led by Professor Lorenzo Vasanelli, that thanks to the project Puglia @ Service, provided by the Ministry of Education for funding under the Programme R & C from 2007 to 2013, has been able to enhance and integrate human resources and predisposition to ‘ innovation, creating a living Lab that today, almost two years after the start of the project , is preparing to become enterprise able to stay on the market . Even under excellent collaborations : for example , in this case , with Impact Hub Rome, society devoted to the support of ideas and projects of social innovation that has supported young professionals PSLAB in the definition of technology products , making them capable of catalyzing the attention of players and investors in California , and UIX Global , a consulting firm based in San Francisco, specializing in co – creating innovation ecosystems. Reality -edge thanks to which the team will live PugliaSmartLab fact fully , for a whole month , the American Dream , sharing values ​​and innovations and changes and riding scenarios . And most importantly , weaving a web virtuous , with a reticular push, starts from Puglia and reaches the whole world .
Giulia Antonucci , Mario Barrel, Valentina Biondi , Bruno Centrone , Umberto Cataldo , Carlo De Sanctis , Fabiana De Santis , Patrizia Ilex , Rosaria Lo Vecchio , Valentino Moretto , Daniele Papadia , Tecla Romano , Mariagrazia Rhone , Maria Grazia Rosa , Francesco Simone : these the names of the protagonists of PugliaSmartLab , living examples of an intelligent and targeted dissemination of resources that , thanks to the training provided by PugliaSmartLab and virtuous use of structural funds by the DHITECH , has managed to synthesize almost in the laboratory a team of fifteen young social and brightest technologists able to ride the changes and challenges of the future , focusing on social innovation and open innovation for smart community .
The American experience of the fifteen technologists social Puglia can be followed live via the established social networking tools already used by the professionals of the Living Lab PugliaSmartLab to share every aspect of the project that sees them engaged for two years now . The invitation is to stay in touch with the team engaged in the American trip , virtually reaching them and talking with them – in optical and mobile smart – every day on and on dedicated channels Facebook and Twitter.