3rd – 7th November 2014: PugliaSmartLab meets Fabrizio Pignaloni

Architecture, art, design, new media and technology… and much, much more. On the other hand the dots are the more appropriate in this case: dotdotdot, multidisciplinary design firm founded in 2004 in Milan to put together just art, architecture, construction and design and contaminate them with new technologies and new media. Inside, philosophers, architects, designers, engineers, graphic designers work together to create multi-disciplinary projects, doing research and experimentation, the basis for the development of new architectures .
Alessandro Masserdotti and Fabrizio Pignoloni, two of the founders of the studio in question, debated in recent days in Lecce, for a week, with PugliaSmartLab social technologists. The meeting enriched both of the Living Lab members as the two milanese creative, struck – as Fabrizio Pignoloni explained – the heterogeneity of educational backgrounds and professional development of young professionals from Salento: “We often teach lessons in schools and university of Milan, as well as around Europe, but I appreciate so much wealth of skills we found in PSLab… I think it is the best soil to develop innovative projects”.

The discipline practiced in the studio in Milan in fact it’s called “interaction design”, or “interaction design” activities – as it can be read on Wikipedia – “the design of the interaction that takes place between human beings and mechanical systems and information technology”. A short discipline “that belongs to the field of research of human-machine interface (HMI: English HCI, Human Computer Interaction)”, and whose fundamental purpose is to “enable and facilitate to the maximum, for a human being, the use and interaction with machines (mechanical and digital), and the use of services and complex systems in a useful and satisfactory way”.
Not only the development of interfaces, however, the objective of dotdotdot: among the works commissioned by their organizations, government and large corporations in Europe there are museum tours, exhibitions, prototypes, interior decoration and in general “new scenarios in which the technology can relate to space in a natural e new way”. Design of new apps, then, but not only: “We are talking about new services for cities, software and more”, Pignoloni says again, “managed by architects, designers and graphics working in our studio”. Yet from an expert at Plato, Kant and so on: Alessandro Masserdotti, the other founder of the firm in meeting with PSLab in recent days, has a degree in Philosophy.
An horizontal approach to projects, in short, is the rule. “When we structure a concept we try to confront everyone”, Pignoloni adds, “the engineer – it’s me – two architects and the philosopher”. In conclusion, the full revival of not fragmented knowledge, one of the imforming principles of PugliaSmartLab: ” I do not think in specialized knowledge, even at the school level. It’s an old idea that in our studio, excluding our necessary personal skills, we have banned a long time ago”.