13th-17th October 2014: PugliaSmartLab meets Enzo Bivona

Bivona is an Associate Professor of Business Economics (University of Palermo). He received his PhD in Business Administration from the University of Catania and a M.Phil. in System Dynamics at the University of Bergen (Norway).
He conducts research and teaching tasks about government in the development of private and public organizations, going through the use of simulation models based on the methodology of the System Dynamics. The applied research activities are concerned, in particular, with the implementation of System Dynamics models to support the analysis and diagnosis of systems programming and management control, the assessment of sustainability policies of investment in intellectual capital and the effects on performance business, design and implementation of strategies for corporate social responsibility and sustainability evaluation of public policies. Since 2009/2010 is Bivona is full professor in “Models of systems dynamics for corporate strategy” (First Degree in the Science of Administration and public and private organizations, curriculum governance and development administration private LM -63, University of Palermo).