27th-30th August 2014: PugliaSmartLab meets Antonio Gentile

Antonio Gentile received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta (USA), in December 2000. He also received his doctoral degree in Computer Science. Since 2002, he collaborates with the Center for Philological and Linguistic Studies on the Sicilian Language and participate to the Linguistic Atlas of Sicily project, in which project he is team leader for the design and development of textual and voice data archival and retrieval methodologies and tools. Prof. Gentile teaches both undegraduate and graduate level courses at the College of Literature and Philosophy and at the College of Engineering. He has participated and participate to several local, national and European research projects, and was principal investigator in research collaborations with leading industries (STMicroelectronics, Motorola Corporate Research Laboratories).
Prof. Gentile is coauthor of over 60 scientific publications. He is a member of the IEEE, of the IEEE Computer Society, of the ACM, and of the AEIT.