19th-23th January and 2nd-6th March 2015: PugliaSmartLab meets Paolo Dini

A degree in Aerospatial Engineering locked in a drawer – ten years to deepen the secrets of the aerodynamics of the blades – a present as an expert in Computer science at Hertfordshire University. Passing for five years as a Professor of Physics, four of Electronics in America, a period under the Philips in London, two years at the Media Lab of Dublin. And it does not stop there because Paul Dini, called to endow the formation of the students of the Living Lab PugliaSmartLab, is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics.

So you contribute to the training of social technologists of PSLAB in terms of …

“Talking about innovation in the public and private services, meaning for this a deep analysis of the governance and the context of socio-economic local development. My goal is to create a space within which small businesses and high-tech startups can interact with each other to trigger an environment conducive to the creation of business. With an eye firmly to the issues of economic sustainability: to encourage the creation of a system in which everyone does his part and the strongest do not crush the weak. Ans striving for transparency in the public sector”.

Please, try to explain better.

“Open and democratic knowledge involves various aspects of the social dimension, difficult to sustain economically, therefore we need to find innovative solutions about: shortly, we enter in the field of alternative monetary theories, because the dominant economic model fails to interact constructively with the open knowledge on the social dimension, or can’t do it as necessary: take for instance small dealings or little cooperative company … Well, you can not bring together the business – as we know it – and social elements and democratic economy without coming to perceive interesting and alternative monetary theories”.

In other words?

“I’m talking abou currency that seem to be able to combine business and democracy … there are different types, but I believe the most appropriate is something like Sardex. Not a physical currency, but a unit of account with a store of value: once you have these loans, you can use them to buy something else. And since this coin does not bear interest, there is not the same perception of value growth leading to its accumulation, as for normal money. In conclusion, we are talking about a coin stimulating spending. Therefore it doesn’t interfere with the marketplace “.

And it can introduce elements of solidarity in business, you are sure.

“It’s Sardinia experience to tell us: almost companies joining to that circuit did it for reasons of crisis, but then they noticed that system creates social relationships non existing before….. In short, we are talking about that social aspects that will complement the economic aspect of the business… The alternative currency makes a more human economy, creating a circuit in parallel with the business of trust and mutual responsibility”.

How can beMINT, the consulting company created by social technologists trained in PugliaSmartLab, contribute to increase these case histories?

‘Well, beMINT will do training, replicating its virtuous experience… we are talking about young and intelligent people who will serve as a liaison between government agencies, universities and small/large businesses, conveying knowledge and enthusiasm everywhere. It’s the importance of networking…. It happens all over the world, with this kind of business, it will work even with beMINT”.