The Co-working Project has its origin in the synergy between the city of Lecce and Puglia@Service, a project coordinated by the District Technology DHITECH Scarl for the promotion of public private networks are enabling the construction of smart communities.

The project has been based on exchange of knowledge and skills among the group of 15 trainees of the project Puglia@Service, the KIC (Knowledge Intensive Community) research, and the staff of the Smart City Sector “Strategic Planning and Community” – Municipality of Lecce.

Areas of expertise:

Management and design of Public/private services

– Analysis of the smart city with reference to the city of Lecce and its position in key thematic national rankings.
– Research, study and benchmarking against best practice Italian and European.
– Monitoring and comparison with the other candidate city for European Capital of Culture in 2019 and the city promoters of the National ANCI Smart Cities.
– Analysis of local needs, facilitating interaction between local stakeholders and support animation.
– Design of interventions / projects / experimental services and implementation of best practices.

Technical Skills

– Transfering knowledge and technical skills, analysis of models of sustainable economic / financial support for experimental projects, implementing best practices.

Technical / Professional / Digital Skills for PA

– Promoting the culture of innovation and development of innovative services in support of the Public Administration, businesses and citizens.