Puglia is the first Italian region to have a law that recognizes the Cooperative Communities, autonomous organizations of people who come together voluntarily to meet their economic, social and cultural needs via a company managed democratically.
The Melpignano Cooperative Community is a best practice at national level thanks to projects such as photovoltaic panels on the roof and the House of Water, reinvesting the revenues in the creation of utilities (street lighting, management of public parks and canteens).

With this in mind, a cooperation between the following parts have been established:

– Melpignano Cooperative Community
– City of Melpignano
– ClioCom Spa

The goal is to improve the ICT infrastructure for connectivity and allow all members of the cooperative to increase skills in the digital domain.

The project represents an innovation in the field of literacy of small communities, often excluded from a process of cultural and economic growth. The company ClioCom Spa will provide the community with broadband connection, managed by the members of the cooperative. PugliaSmartLab will map the needs within the community and promote innovation in high-tech manufacturing sectors, while also providing digital services.
A literate population will generate greater demand of services and associates users will get free broadband connection at affordable prices.
This will generate an income for the cooperative to be reinvested in services that will benefit the whole community.