The sexual sphere, while occupying a central role in the adults’ life and being fundamental for the quality of the same, is still permeated by taboos and stereotypes that make it difficult to deal with specific problems and issues. The project in question, AdviSex, proposes to realize, through the Living Lab methodology, a service focused on this area and aims to facilitate access to related knowledge. In particular, AdviSex is a mobile application that aims to support the improvement of adults’ individual and couple sexual health. Taking into account age, gender and sexual orientation of the user, the application provides personalized recommendations.

AdviSex is a concrete and daily support to sexual health: for the first time, in a single service, everything you need about your sexuality!


Patients’ therapeutic compliance is a key element of any medical therapy. Therapy non-compliance has huge consequences in treatment effectiveness, resulting in deterioration of patient’s health conditions and consequent cost increase.

The proposed technological solution is a mobile application, called TherApp, that keeps track of patients’ therapy through the interaction with their Electronic Health Record (EHR). EHR collects one’s personal health informations, his/her health condition and his/her therapeutic information. This information will be used by TherApp, supporting patients to follow their medical therapy accurately. TherApp will use a notification system to remind patients when they have to take drugs following medical prescriptions. An intuitive and interactive user-friendly system will then enable patient to confirm medicine consumption.

Thus, TherApp main objectives are:

•          monitor patients’ health condition and reduce non-compliance
•          allow savings to healthcare systems
•          facilitate doctors and chemists’ work