Puglia Smart Lab (PSLab) is a Living Lab (LL) created in March 2013 by Dhitech S.c.a.r.l., the High Tech District of Regione Puglia.
In particular, the LL is the first tangible result of Puglia@Service Project.
PSLab is an innovation space where citizens, public administration and enterprises work together on an equal basis to identify the concrete needs of territory.
This interaction is an essential ingredient to develop a smart environment.

Living Lab (LL or Living Laboratory) represents a new approach to the concept of innovation. Usual tech labs are seen as spaces opened only to researchers and in which solutions that sometimes don’t meet user needs are found. The challenge of Living Lab approach is to make up an open laboratory, involving potential users since product/service design phase.
Living Labs are strongly connected with enterprises and organizations in the territory. Living Lab outputs should be products/services co-created with citizens and project partners and their added value is the fitting of concrete market needs. In a long term perspective, goals achieved by a Living Lab are valuable to create a “smart city”, which is a territorial ecosystem where citizens quality of life improves.

The distinctive trait of Puglia Smart Lab Project consists in the shift from a PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) cooperation model to a PPPP (People-Public-Private-Partnership) one, aiming to test new services, products and social infrastructures co-creation ways, with the essential contribution of the main beneficiaries of innovations: citizens. Therefore, Puglia Smart Lab is seen as a Social Innovation tool.
In fact, LL paradigm determines a change in citizen role, which from mere service user becomes an actor in user driven innovation processes, contributing to change and regenerate his/her own city.